As per different usage scenarios, diverse products will be provided to you for reference at the beginning.if you can‘t find any ready models fit for you, no worry, Thorforce also can supply a FREE customized service.Being a professional fishing gear company, we have an efficient design engineers team for fast fishing gear customization, including fishing rods, fishing line, fishing lures, fishing wheel and other fishing accessories etc..

|| About us
Thorforce, a fishing gear brand has been focusing on providing the best fishing solutions for outdoor fishing enthusiasts since its establishment.
The brand is dedicated to the needs of the customers and has been designing and manufacturing novel, durable and environmental-friendly fishing lures and fishing rods etc. and intends to satisfy outdoor fishing enthusiasts to enjoy themselves with the best fishing equipment that fit them.
The brand has assisted its users to conquer the waters in about 100 countries in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa etc. and has gained a worldwide reputation of trust on good quality and services.

Thorforce has built its manufacturing base and warehouses in Weihai, China and it is capable of meeting the needs of its customers on design, manufacturing, and quality perspectives and it will continue on to make better fishing products for its users in the coming future.
Comprehensive technical and professional teams.
Advanced technology makes Throforce  stronger competitiveness in the international market.

The company has a complete industrial chain, including fishing rods, fishing line, fishing lures, fishing wheel,etc. Customers in Thorforce can achieve one-stop shopping smoothly for fast delivery.
Rich experience with High-End global customers.
100% incoming material test.
100% quality test before delivery.
Has more than 10 years of experience in fishing gear industry. With valuable research & manage experience, highly ensure customers’ reliable design and production.
Strictly apply quality management system in production process.
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To provide satisfied fishing gears & best services for fishing enthusiasts around the world.